Prior to the arrival of foreign colonizers; this mountain is a thick jungle traversed, by old residents of the adjacent habitations. Salt, sugar, tobacco were then the most important needs of ancient people which Naguilian was the nearest buying area. Most of the eastern salt buyer and travelers passes this mountain down to Naguilian and San Fernando, La Union as the shortest route. They identified a wild grass resembling the native ginger, three km. away from the junlge causing the name “Ag-aggat”. From the center of this jungle, the aerial view of the Poro Point is seen. Small pine trees were growing abundantly in this area which the Igorots termed as “Sagubo” which means small pine trees. These beautiful trees were then remembered and related from generation to generation.  Upon conquest of Spain and Japan, joint forces of Filipinos and Americans started naming places. The residents told them that the place is known as Sagubo. Although, these trees are denuded, there are still remnants.

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