The early people migrated from the last usually from Tinec, Buguias. They were referred to as Tacdang because they came from the direction of the rising sun. Some migrated from Bontoc. They migrated into this place as hunters. They usually passed through Buguias then Naguey in Atok and reached Amburayan river where they built their first settlements. They built their houses along the creeks and mostly nearest to the source of water. They lived only by kaingin system by planting camote, gabi, corn, and rootcrops taken from the forest.

The people of Kapangan belong to two linguistic groups: the Kankanaey and the Ibaloi. The Kankanaey settled mostly at Paykek, Balacbac and Pudong while the Ibalois settled mostly at Taba-ao and Datakan which originally was part of Tublay. It is alleged by some old folks that Kelangoya is the mother language of both the Ibaloi and the Kankanaey and that geographic isolation as well as contact with other linguistic groups made for the difference.

Significantly, the two linguistic groups share common customs and traditions. One manbunong may perform in the rituals in an Ibaloi hosted as well as in Kankanaey hosted cañao. Differences are insignificant.

In terms of interrelationships between the two groups of people, it is acknowledged that in the past more Ibaloi were usually bacnang and prestigious in the community.

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