Barangay Paykek lies in a small valley located at the center of the 15 barangays of Kapangan. It’s an hour ride from Acop and a 2-hour – ride from the City of Baguio.

Residents of Paykek are a mixture of Kankana-ey and Ibaloi tribe. As of 2004, approximately 1,335 people live in the barangay wherein Lomon / Poblacion have the biggest share. Barangay Paykek communicates with their primary language Kankana-ey. Among the other dialects being used are Ibaloi, Ilocano, English and Tagalog.

Lomon, a sitio of Paykek is considered the center of Kapangan where restaurants, the Municipal Hall, other offices, shops and other establishments are found.

Barangay Paykek is aware of their garbage disposal especially since they were voted the Cleanest and greenest Barangay before. The residents burn their wastes while some use the dugpit type of disposal. With regards to Health, there are 20 cases of malnourished children but is given the proper medical attention with the coordination of RHU/ BHW and the MSWDO.

In Education, facilities are well provided to the students. There are 2 elementary schools present in the barangay, one in Lomon and in Paykek Proper and also, there are 3-Day care center available for the children as well. One is located in Lomon, another in Paykek and in Cadtay.

Problems that always exist in the community are insufficient supply of water, lack of medicines / health facilities, lack of employment opportunities and existence of alcohol related problems.

There are many organized groups in the community mostly women’s, farmer’s and parents. These organizations formed in the community deals with some of the problems in the barangay, gives assistance and help for the betterment of the community and the people as well.


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