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We, the people of Kapangan envision an economically-sustained and globally competitive municipality,
with God-loving, united, literate, culturally-enriched and healthy citizens living in a peaceful and ecologically - balanced environment enjoying a better quality of life under a responsive governance.


We are committed to provide quality basic services,enhance indigenous skills, promote technologies and protect the environment with the support of the citizenry and in partnership and networking with other government agencies, non-government organizations and the private sectors for the progress of our municipality.


To establish a Citizen's Charter for the Municipality of Kapangan that would ensure honesty, equality, accountability, proper management of resources, responsiveness, and customer welfare and satisfaction, in the delivery frontline services.


To be transparent in the provision of all frontline services
To deliver frontline services without partiality or discrimination;
To set standards and commitments in the delivery of frontline services;
To optimize the use of government resources;
To provide immediate and sound frontline services.

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