Brief History

Kapangan is known as the land of beauty and hospitality. It is composed of 15 barangays. It existed during the Spanish Regime. In the year 1890, the Americans took over all the recognized barrios which are Cuba, Datakan, Sagubo, Balakbak, Taba-o and Paykek Central. In the year 1970, a revolution was forwarded to the municipal government and to the office of the Department of Local government and Community Development which made brgy. Labueg to exist under Rep. Act. No. 2 during the time of President Ferdinand Marcos. It was separated from its mother Brgy. Datakan.

Barangay Labueg is composed of 7 sitios which are Labueg Proper, Tumpic, Poking, Tacal, Longboy, Alapang and Ibo/Guiawan.

The first settlers of Labueg are the Ibaloi tribe and later the Kankana-ey tribe. It was the Comising and Saba-oan families who first lived here. People in this barangay are known for farming as their main source of income, hog raising and pasturing as additional income.

In 1918, Longboy Primary School was established in one of its sitios which is Longboy. It was in 1968 when this primary school was converted to Longboy Elementary School.

In the year 1921, St. Michael’s Parish Church was built and is located in sitio Labueg Proper. Most of the residents of this barangay are Roman Catholic. In 1952, the Belgian Priest founded Saint Theresita’s High School in the same sitio.

In 1990 the Barangay Hall was constructed. It was also this year when the people of this barangay and other neighboring felt crisis due to the super typhoon and killer earthquake that hit the Philippines and other countries. Shortage of supply, rice fields erode, road eroded and livestock are dead. Despite of this event, people here were still able to survive. They start all over again they planted root crops, fruits and vegetables and others.

At present, the population of barangay Labueg rapidly increased. Farming is still their main source of livelihood. And through the combined efforts of the barangay officials led by Mr. Richard Dumsang, together with the people itself, this is peaceful where love and sharing dwells in every member of this place.

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