Geographical Location

16 deg. 33 min. to 16 deg. 41 min North Latitude
120 deg. 29 min. to 120 deg. 40 min. East Longitude
Located at the western portion of Benguet Province


By Land Transportation, via (major roads):

  • Acop-Kapangan-Kibungan National Road
  • Halsema-Bakun-Kibungan-Kapangan Road

35 kms. from the city of Baguio (About 1 hr. 45 min. by vehicle)
(Refer to Transportation Sector)

Land Area

17,327.25 hectares




Highest elevation @ 1,700 meters above sea level
Highest elevation @ 200 meters above sea level
Slope : from hilly to mountainous and to very steep

Soil Type

Atok Sandy Loam
Puguis Gravel Loam
Annan Clay Loam
Mountain Soil

Land Use

Built-up Areas (Residential/Institutional/Commercial) – 10 %
Agricultural Areas (Includes pasture land and uncultivated lands) – 80 %
Others (Waterways, rivers, road networks, etc.) – 10%

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