How the Barangay Got Its Name

The historical background of Barangay Gaswiling is noted since 1572 and 1640 as retold to be the year where small pox erupted in the community. At that time, it was claimed by the settlers to have witnessed a lone day described as a beautiful woman who came to assist the people stricken of an epidemic, most likely small pox and therefore brought some medicines termed as “AGAS”. It. was them during that the role or acts of that lone beautiful lady, or working alone is termed by the people in the community as “WILWILING”. The people that time by the word “AGAS” shortened it as “GAS” and likewise the word “WILWILING” shortened as “WILING” then coined together as “GASWILING,” which turned out as the name of the barrio now barangay.

Legal Creation

In the late 1800’s the place is formerly called “MANJOGAO” inhabited by the people coming from Betwag, Ambongdolan, Pongayan, and Sablan. It was once a sitio of Barrio CENTRAL. It was until the time that thru Provincial Resolution numbered 1118, S. 1968, as acknowledged by the Office of the President dated October 29, 1968, Barrio Gaswiling was established and separated from its mother unit CENTRAL and now called BARANGAY GASWILING.

Barangay Gaswiling is one of the fifteen (15) barangays of the Municipality of Kapangan, Benguet. It lies at the Western tip of the municipality, bounded on the North by Barangay Sagubo and Gadang, on the South by Sablan and Tublay municipalities, on the East by Barangay Pongayan, and on the West by the Province of La Union.

It has a distance of about seven kilometers away from Lomon, the town of Kapangan and away from the Acop-Kapangan-Kibungan National Highway. The only access to the barangay is through this national highway and through the Lomon-Sagubo Provincial Road, then towards the Salat Junction – Pongayan –Gaswiling – Baguionas barangay road. Some sitios of the barangay are not accessible by vehicular transportation and can be reached through for about six to eight hours by foot.

The barangay is composed of Sitios namely Proper Gaswiling, Abkel, Leskey, Catiaoan, Kaliwaga, Colit, Ambanget, Doking and Baguionas.

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