The Legend of Boklaoan

Many years ago, there lived a prominent and a rich man in the Barrio. He was so wealthy that he had a flock of cattles. In the older days feast cañao was very often as it was a tradition to hold a “PESHIT”. A PESHIT is a cañao by the rich people. It requires butchering of animals, drinking and “dadiw”. It lasts for three to five days.

One day, this rich man offered a cañao. He invited his close relatives, friends and neighbors. He sent some men to catch cattles. These cattles were let loose roaming in the wide open pasture land. The men ran after one of the cows and hurdled a rope on the horn of the cow in order not to strangle the animals. Accidentally the rope was thrown at the neck of the cow. The man who caught the animal shouted “NAYBUKDUWAN” meaning, it is caught at the neck.

The Barrio remained without a name. Finally, the residents agreed to name it “BOKDAWAN”. When it was registered the spelling was changed to “BOKLAOAN”.

However, the residents of the Barangay who are Ibalois pronounce it Bokdawan. While the neighboring Barangay which are Kankana-eys pronounce it Boklaoan.

That is how BOKLAOAN got its name.

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