Barangay Beleng Belis is one of the fifteen barangays of the Municipality of Kapangan in the province of Benguet, this barangay is located at the northern side of the municipality.

Barangay Beleng Belis lies on the interior boundary between the municipalities of Kibungan and Kapangan. It is the access way to Kapangan coming from Kibungan in the eastern part, barangay Beleng-Belis is bounded by Barangay of Poblacion, Kibungan ; Southern part is Balakbak; Northern part is the Municipality of Kibungan particularly Saddle, Sagpat and the western part is Badeo, Kibungan.

The barangay is traversed by the Acop-Kapangan-Kibungan National road. It is about fifty two (52) kilometers away from the City of Baguio, twelve (12) kilometers away from the municipal center and forty six (46) kilometers away from the Provincial Capitol.

Brief political history of the barangay

The name of the barangay was derived from a kankan-ey term “Pabeleng”. A vernacular term that generally describes the place , it is positioned amidst highland flings where sunrays cannot penetrate the surface area since it is covered by thick clouds and blocked by mountains.

The barangay is blessed with two rivers, namely Beleng and Belis where veterans of World War II lived and stayed. Significantly, Beleng River is with many waterfalls while Belis abundantly supplied the early settlers with safe drinking water.

It is converging place of travelers coming from the different cordillera areas. According to the old folks the early settlers in the community was inhabited by Pakodan Begawen a.k.a Legawen about three families who trace their origin from the Municipality of Kibungan and Mountain Province.


Climate and temperature

Beleng Belis falls with the first climatic type of the Philippines characterized by pronounced seasons. They dry seasons is experienced during the months of November to April while rainy seasons occurs during the barangay start from December and extend up to February. Average temperature during these months can fall below 14 degrees Celsius while the mean normal temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. Extreme heat is experienced during summer particularly during the months of March and April. This causes the reduction on volume of potable water from spring for domestic use and other source of water irrigation.



Sitio Tawang locates the highest point of elevation which is 1,400 meter above sea level and the lowest point of elevation is sitio Amionget with 1,100 meter above sea level.

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